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RankWyz is probably one of the less know SEO Tools in the market place, but it is slowly gaining an excellent reputation as one of the best. Read on the find out more.

I have been using RankWyz for over 18 months and it has delivered amazing results for me. It has everything you need to achieve a first page ranking in all the major search engines


I started my online business in July 2014 after accidentially stumbling across a blog post about how you can make money running an online business. What was particularly good about this blog post was that it explained everything in great detail.

It explained it so well and detailed the kind of money that you can earn online, I just had to get on board. Especially when the blogger who wrote the post was able to back it up by publishing his earnings.

I always felt like I wasn't made for 9-5 corporate life. Don't get me wrong I had a reasonably successful career. I earned a good income but over the years it has been said many times. "You don't get rich working for someone else".

Some people do earn a lot of money working for someone else, but those opportunities are few and far between. The fact is over the years my skills, abilities, sheer hard work, professionalism and attitude have earned other people millions, and I have been paid a fraction of that.

What on earth does this have to do with RankWyz? Well in truth I realised that in order to be master of my own destiny, I had to learn how to rank websites in the search engines. Yes there are other methods that will allow you to grow your business, but for me ranking a site number one is the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page), seemed like the most natural fit.

RankWyz is a tool that will enable you to manage the websites that you build. Track all their important metrics, track and build links to those websites, and make life so much easier.

If you want to read my full review of RankWyz, then check out my RankWyz Review post.

RankWyz is an amazingly powerful tool and it has enabled me to build out hundreds of websites that are all earning me income. You can struggle with spreadsheets, but in the end you need a tool that is going to empower you to scale out your business and the number of sites that you can manager.

It is not often I say this, but those few dollars I pay RankWyz every month are worth every penny. RankWyz also comes with a FREE TRIAL, so give it a go and watch your business take off.


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